Knockoffs and cousins: What people are saying about the VW Arteon

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Volkswagen’s replacement for the CC, the Arteon, will slot above the Passat in the brand’s global lineup and is set to arrive in Canada in 2018 as a 2019 model. It is built on VW’s MQB architecture and was designed to give the brand’s top sedan a more muscular appearance compared with its predecessor. Here’s what people are saying about the Volkswagen Arteon:

“In general, the look is fairly unique by Volkswagen standards. The headlights flow into the grille, with an extra strip of color atop the grille to help differentiate it from the Passat. The wheel arches are a bit more aggressive, but once you move into the cabin, it’s immediately recognizable as a modern Volkswagen.”

-- Andrew Krok, Roadshow by CNET

“It’s really quite handsome and it’s easy to see why: it’s just a knockoff of the Audi A7.

“To be fair, just about any full-sized hatchback looks like an Audi A7 knockoff. Even a new Panamera or a Tesla Model S looks like an A7 wannabe because, well, most cars are all pretty much the same basic shape at this point.

“Still, this VW is a lovely looking car, one that’s still based on the same MQB platform as the Golf.”

-- Raphael Orlove, Jalopnik

“The Arteon heralds a new design approach for Volkswagen with an interesting front fascia where the radiator grille meets the headlights, in this case a standard full-LED arrangement. Even though VW called the CC a ‘four-door coupe,’ the car was at the end of the day a sedan with a swoopy roofline. Things are different now with the new arrival as it adopts a more practical fastback body style with a large rear hatch in the same vein as the concept.

“The body style change is going to make the Arteon easier to live with on a daily basis since maneuvering cargo in and out of the trunk will be a breeze.”

-- Adrian Padeanu,

“The Arteon definitely passes for a cousin of the CC -- but a prettier, better dressed and more successful cousin your mother always compares you unfavorably to. Emphasizing the ‘art’ in Arteon, Volkswagen fancies the sedan's exterior styling as ‘avant-garde,’ making note of its long wheelbase, stretched roofline, coupelike fastback shape and large rear hatch (as opposed to the CC's restrictive trunk opening).

“The expansive hood extends over both fenders and the grille spans the car's entire girth, while standard LED headlights and daytime running lights merge with the chrome-plated crossbars of the front end. The overall package is intended to convey power, evidenced by muscular fenders and flared wheel arches.”

-- Matt Schmitz,

“With a sloping fastback roofline, sculpted shoulders and a healthy dose of chrome, Volkswagen seems to be holding to the philosophy adopted by Toyota with its redesigned Camry and Kia with its all-new Stinger: if you’re going to make a sedan, you’d better make it cool.”

-- Kyle Campbell, New York Daily News

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