New digital dealer platform bridges online and in-store gap in Canada

TORONTO — Trader Corp. and Dealertrack have teamed up to introduce an industry-first connected car-buying platform said to transform the consumer experience while driving efficiency and increasing vehicle sales for dealerships.

The platform, which debuted April 1, bridges the gap between the online and in-store consumer experience and enables dealers to engage with buyers much earlier and at various stages in the purchase process.

Just as ride sharing, accommodation booking and other innovations have led to a paradigm shift in the retail industry, so too is an inevitable move toward digital retailing in the auto industry, said Trader Vice-President of Product Edwin Uliak.

“Today’s connected car buyer expects an accelerated shopping experience that is efficient, transparent and seamless,” said Uliak. “They want to save time at the dealership, and they want to take control and design their own shopping experience, across every aspect of the deal.”

The new platform allows car buyers to personalize their payments, appraise vehicle trade-in, apply for financing, and select various insurance products, making the face-to-face sales experience more efficient for both consumer and retailer.

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