Ford to build new, bigger Western Canada distribution centre

Leduc facility to boost efficiency, improve working environment

About 70 people will be employed once the Leduc site opens, the same number of people already working at the Edmonton location.

Ford of Canada says it has outgrown its Edmonton Parts Distribution Centre and will build a new larger facility about 35 km south in the neighbouring city of Leduc.

The new centre will be 37,625 square metres (405,000 square feet) in size and is set to open in spring 2018. It will be nearly double the size of the current facility and include what the company calls “an enhanced working environment” for employees, including open concept atmosphere, a state-of-the-art gymnasium and LED lighting.

Ford said the total cost of the new facility wasn't available.

Company spokeswoman Michelle Lee-Gacey said in a statement that the new building “is being developed specifically for our business needs. It enables us to improve process flow and as a result we will be more efficient.”

Construction is scheduled to start this summer. About 70 people will be employed once it opens, the same number of people already working at the Edmonton site.

Mark Ballantyne, president of Unifor local 1087 that represents the Edmonton workers, told The Edmonton Journal no one is going to lose their job, although some employees will face a longer commute.

“It’s definitely good for us. No one’s losing their jobs, we’re just moving to a bigger facility, which makes it easier for us to grow in the future,” he told the newspaper. “Ford is here to stay.”

Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke said in a statement he’s “elated” Ford chose Leduc. He told The Journal city officials worked on the project for eight months and that the city didn’t provide any grants or other inducements.

“This brings a much-needed boost to our local and regional economy from ground-breaking to when they open their doors, slated for fall 2018,” Krischke said in a statement. “On behalf of Leduc City Council, we are very happy to welcome the Ford Motor Company to our region.”

The Edmonton Parts Distribution Centre is Ford’s auto parts distribution centre for Western Canada Ford and Lincoln dealers. It is one of two distribution centres Ford has in Canada. The other is in Bramalea, Ont.

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