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Geely taking big stakes in Lotus, Proton

• 5/24/2017

China's Geely taking big stakes in Lotus, Proton; Ex-Nissan dealer awarded $256M; A costly 'oops' for Uber; Volvo XC40 spied; Seatbelts to superchargers: Tech that started at track.

Hackett: Mulally's 'One Ford' must evolve
• 5/23/2017

Ford's Hackett on team-building, Mulally and Rubik's Cubes; Detroit 3...

Fields retires, Hackett named Ford CEO
• 5/22/2017

Fields retires, mobility chief Hackett named Ford CEO, new roles for...

Uber threatens to fire engineer
• 5/19/2017

Uber threatens to fire engineer at center of Waymo suit; Automakers'...

U.S. ready to sue Fiat Chrysler
• 5/18/2017

U.S. said to be ready to sue FCA; GM to halt India sales, sell S. Africa unit; Mueller, Trump and Takata; Wrangler-based pickup spied; Do more techy cars equal more totaled cars?

Ford slashing 1,400 salaried jobs
• 5/17/2017

Ford slashing 1,400 salaried jobs; Volvo weighs exit from diesel business; Uber CEO sought partnership with Tesla, new book reveals; Magna system blends cameras, side-view mirror.

Ford to slash salaried staff - reports
• 5/16/2017

Ford to slash salaried staff, reports say; Bricklin's new idea: 3-wheel cars, high-end art; AutoNation COO Berman quits, predecessor Maroone buys four Serra stores; Tesla downgrade.

GM on rise in eyes of suppliers
• 5/15/2017

GM rises, Nissan falls in supplier study; Lyft, Waymo team up on autonomous-car project; Nissan, Renault, hit in global cyberattack; 5th auction-crash death; VW legal defeat.

Uber facing possible criminal probe
• 5/12/2017

Uber facing possible criminal probe; VW 3-liter diesel settlement final; 1.25M Ram trucks recalled; Great Wall mulls U.S., Mexico plant; Tough times for diesels in U.S., BMW defiant.

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BMW to launch 8-series coupe in '18
• 5/11/2017

BMW to revive 8 series; Nissan profit drops; Marketing star leaving Ford; Auction death toll rises to 4; Toyota-Nvidia deal; Detroit spruces up to compete with Silicon Valley.

Ford board said to raise heat on Fields
• 5/10/2017

Ford board said to raise heat on Fields; 'Sense of crisis' as Toyota profit falls; Daimler drops U.S. diesel sales effort; Hyundai, Honda, Nissan tap emotional side of marketing.

Subaru, Mitsubishi profits down
• 5/9/2017

Subaru, Mitsu profits tumble; Nissan realigns U.S. sales staff; Reports: Auction driver had suspended license; EPA test lab in peril?; Audi creates steady supply of service techs.

Macron victory a win for PSA, Renault?
• 5/8/2017

Macron victory a win for PSA, Renault?; Tesla recruits engineers in Mexico; Most AutoNation salespeople choose salary over commission; Nissan Murano brake probe; Toyota opens door to edgier ads.

Uber facing U.S. criminal probe
• 5/5/2017

Uber facing U.S. criminal probe over 'greyball' software; Hedge fund accuses GM of changing documents; Ford laying off 130 Ohio workers; Big trucks going electric, autonomous.

Tesla revenue doubles, loss deepens
• 5/4/2017

Tesla revenue doubles, loss deepens; Diesels selling at VW; BMW expects slight profit boost; Judge: No 'smoking gun' in Uber case; GM's Maven big on gigs; Big-screen 'Car Dogs.'

April U.S. sales winners, losers
• 5/3/2017

April U.S. sales winners, losers; Chevy sticking with 'Real People' ads, exec says; VW profit up 40%; Uber to face judge; Rival alleges CDK-Reynolds duopoly; Mini personnel moves.


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