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Consumer Electronics Show

At CES, time to make cool stuff real stuff

There was lots of talk and several demonstrations of self-driving cars at CES, but it was striking to notice which companies did not attend this massive consumer electronics extravaganza.

Aurora Innovation emerges from shadows

The self-driving startup has star power on its exec team, who come from Google, Tesla and Uber.

Building blocks of new interiors are production-ready

Interiors suppliers are ready for the new demands coming from self-driving cars.

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CES 2018: Coolest gadgets and gizmos from the show

CES showcases a lot of wild and crazy products every year, but many will never make it to consumers. Still, some of the coolest tech we saw at the show were features you might see in cars in the next few years

Quick spin: Daily mobility news for 1.12.18

We're nursing our post-CES hangovers. Of course, this is not an industry where you can rest for too long. Overnight, General Motors ditched the steering wheel, and a new autonomous startup already joined the melee. The Detroit auto show is around the corner, so pull on your extra warm stockings and let's jump right in.

Quick spin: Daily mobility news for 1.11.2018

Good morning from Quick Spin, where we're getting ready to wrap up CES 2018 and enjoying the last of the desert weather before heading to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show. Though the announcements have wound down, there still has been plenty to see in Las Vegas -- or not, if you were in the halls that lost power.

Ghosn says Nissan has 'troops' on the ground

Carlos Ghosn found a way to hold court amid an array of journalists and coterie of executives through repeated, enthusiastic endorsements of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance's autonomous car strategy.

Quick spin: Daily mobility news for 1.9.2018

The last 24 hours has seen more unions than a Vegas chapel. On the heels of Nvidia's tie-ups with Uber, Volkswagen, Aurora and Baidu on Sunday, tech companies announced their own automotive partnerships.