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Mighty Aisin tackles lowly parking lot
Hans Greimel | @hansgreimel |

Rather than leaping into the high-level fight for highway autonomous driving technology, Japan's Aisin Seiki Co. is aiming at a low-speed market opportunity — the humble parking lot.

Unions urge slowdown as self-driving car bills pick up speed
Ryan Beene and Josh Eidelson |

Labor unions are urging a slowdown as lawmakers fast track legislation to allow self-driving vehicles on the road, a potential boon to some union jobs and an existential threat to others.

Don't fear autonomous, Waymo targets Uber's lawyers, and Lyft's taco controversy
Sharon Silke Carty | @sharoncarty , Katie Burke | @KatieGBurke and Shiraz Ahmed | @shirazzzz |

Federal legislation would allow hundreds of thousands of self-driving cars on public roads while the technologies still in development. Don't freak out.

Ford's ride-share unit Chariot expands to New York
Michael Martinez | @MikeMartinez_AN |

Ford said that Chariot, the San Francisco-based shuttle service it acquired last year, will soon expand to New York.

House committee approves self-driving legislation, refines safety exemptions
Eric Kulisch |

The House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously approved bipartisan legislation that would for the first time govern the manufacturing, testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Uber lawyers should be booted after aiding cover-up, Waymo says
Joel Rosenblatt |

Waymo claims Uber had an accomplice in the theft of invaluable driverless technology trade secrets -- the ride-hailing giant’s own lawyers.

5 questions with Mercedes' director of r&d
J.P. Vettraino |

Ola Kaellenius, head of r&d at Mercedes-Benz Cars, sat down with reporters at the launch of the updated S class and covered topics ranging from the return of the Mercedes inline-six to robot taxis to the coming of autonomy...

Self-driving legislation set in motion
Eric Kulisch |

The legislation borrows heavily from the wish list of automakers and tech companies that want leeway to operate on highways without being tied too closely to rules designed for vehicles controlled by humans.

Dealers are still missing from mobility conversation
J Ferron |

Data management and consumer behavior tracking companies will gather tons of user and vehicle information in the emerging ecosystem of mobility options.

Who will order car subscriptions?
James B. Treece |

Vehicle subscription services are emerging as a new slice of the car-sharing market, and industry leaders are still trying to figure out which model will work best.

Lyft outlines self-driving car plans after earlier partnerships
Eric Newcomer |

Ride-hailing provider Lyft, emboldened by public stumbles by larger rival Uber, is taking the leap into developing its own fully autonomous vehicles.

Uber's next CEO: Mobility Report's picks for the top spot
Staff reports |

Never one to turn down a challenge, we polled our staffers for nominations for new Uber CEO. (Hint: They include a former presidential candidate, an over-the-top college football coach and an often-overlooked auto executive.)


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