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Bangle untangles his design language

Chris Bangle knows you think his new car design is out there. That's the point.

Toyota polishes 5th-generation Avalon, introduces Apple CarPlay

Toyota's next-generation Avalon flagship sedan features more aggressive bodywork, an updated platform to improve driving dynamics and the company's first implementation of Apple CarPlay after years of remaining one of the few holdouts on smartphone integration.

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FCA lavishes tech, safety gear on 2019 Ram pickup

The long list of engineering, safety, performance and functional improvements -- a bigger and quieter cabin, a stronger frame, more storage and improved fuel efficiency -- in the next Ram half-ton truck signal that FCA is determined to challenge Chevrolet and Ford like never before.

The new flagships of Detroit

Along with Ford's pace-setting F series, the redesigned Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500 form a collection of trucks that showcase some of the most sophisticated technologies each manufacturer has in its arsenal.

Edge ST gives Ford a winning combo

Americans love crossovers, and they love to drive fast. So why not combine those passions into the Edge ST, a performance variant of the company's midsize crossover?

Ford aims Ranger at pickup buyers who want smaller, simpler package

After an eight-year hiatus, Ford is rejoining the midsize pickup market with the 2019 Ranger, which offers buyers some of the features and benefits they could get in an F-150 but with fewer customization options, a smaller footprint and lower price. It features new technology such as a standard 4G-connected Wi-Fi hot spot, FordPass Connect and pre-collision assist.

Overhauled G class stays inside the box

The 2019 G class is bigger, lighter and more luxurious, and with the most thorough redesign in the venerable SUV's history, Mercedes-Benz will discover whether a modernized chassis and technology-laden interior can push demand even higher.

Better on-road ride for G class

Mercedes-Benz's rugged G-class SUV will get an independent front suspension for the first time to improve its on-road handling and refinement, while off-road capabilities also top those of the outgoing model.

Chevrolet's midengine Corvette sheds more camo

New spy photos show the midengine Chevrolet Corvette with four rounded, square exhaust pipes flanking the left and right rear of a lower vent that's likely designed to allow air from the engine bay to exit the vehicle.

CES preview: Back to the future

Expect to see more autonomous and connected-vehicle news as well as buzzy concepts that seem more science fiction than actual product plan.

You want to drive a car or a copier?

Those of us in the auto industry, or who have an interest in it, are likely to be a bit more aware of product naming strategies than the general population.

GM's next-century truck

GM commemorated 100 years of truckmaking history with a glimpse of its future: a redesigned 2019 Chevy Silverado that it hopes will upend the pickup market and help position it for the next century.