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UAW, GM 'talking' about impact of slumping car sales on U.S. jobs

The president of the UAW expressed concern about the impact of weak U.S. car sales at GM on auto plants and jobs.

Audi poised to pass Chrysler as sales climb

Audi catches Chrysler as its winning streak pushes on toward eight years.

Led by GM, inventories near records

Of the U.S. industry's total inventory growth of 354,200 units in the past year, General Motors has added 272,700 units. All other carmakers added 81,500, up 2.6 percent.

You call this a slump?

For many automakers, the fact that consumers are snapping up high-margin SUVs and crossovers instead of less-expensive sedans has been a boon.

NADA unfazed by high incentive levels

Targeted incentives likely will continue rising this year as lease returns and lack of consumer demand pressure sedan pricing, NADA's chief economist forecasts.

Automakers, auctions align to prop up used-car prices

Facing a glut of off-lease cars but armed with detailed, real-time pricing data that was not available during the last downturn, auctioneers can now help automakers and dealers figure out where a used vehicle can fetch the best price.

Toyota opens new North American HQ in Texas

Toyota unveiled plans for the nearly $1 billion project three years ago to create more unified operations by bringing together quality engineering, sales, marketing, financial services and corporate functions at one site.

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Toyota turns to rental lots for lift in slowing market

As automakers struggle to keep selling new cars to American consumers at a record clip, Toyota plans to turn to rental car companies and other fleet operators for a boost in the second half.