Chrysler will only tout minivan's electric plug in California

Fiat Chrysler has taken a curious approach to marketing the only minivan in the U.S. that can run on a rechargeable battery: just call the Pacifica model a hybrid, and leave out the plug-in part.

Kelley Blue Book launches national TV campaign

Kelley Blue Book, in its new ad campaign, is trying to tell customers that it can do more than give them the fair market value for their vehicle.

Chevy pokes a hole in Ford's truck, again

Last year, Chevrolet showed that a metal toolbox dropped into the bed of the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 could tear the lightweight metal. Ford's new Super Duty also switched to aluminum, and now Chevy is back with the same toolbox, the same test and — you guessed it — the same results.

Hyundai: NFL deal has been a success

The Automotive News article "Hyundai's False Start" published in the July 10 issue did not provide a balanced look at Hyundai's NFL partnership. Our marketing strategy has evolved for the modern shopper.

Mazda targets Hispanics … in Japanese?

Mazda is tripling its investment in Hispanic marketing, but the automaker is speaking as much Japanese as Spanish as it kicks off the effort targeting the key demographic.

It's high noon for Tesla

The challenges of growing up appear to be setting in for Tesla, as the automotive darling begins production of the highly anticipated Model 3.