Benoit Charette

Montréal Correspondent
Address: Automotive News Canada,
PO Box 243, Station A, Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6K7
Phone: (514) 594-3726
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Recent authored articles

Montreal is in a ride-sharing mood

The city's two main ride-sharing services are making significant changes to broaden their customer base and make more cars available in more areas and on shorter notice.

Quebec offers cash incentives on used EVs

Quebec is pushing the boundaries of its vehicle-electrification goals with a project adding incentives on used EVs. But some observers warn regulations might restrict eligible-vehicle availability.

Québec company expands minivan conversion business into three provinces

A Québec company that converts standard minivans into wheelchair-accessible vehicles is expanding to three more Canadian provinces.

Being the meat in the sandwich between Detroit, Toronto shows

The Montreal International Auto Show sits between the proverbial rock and a hard place, sandwiched between shows in Detroit. Mich., and Toronto.

Quebec's latest electric creation has up to three electric motors

In the wake of cars such as the Allard, Tomahawk, Fellino and Plethore – all designed and born in Québec – the Azkarra brings with it novel, cutting-edge innovation.