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Recent authored articles

Size matters for safety when it comes to tiny commuter vehicles

And if you're commuting to work in a TCV tiny commuter vehicle, like the Vancouver-built Electra Meccanica Solo, Newton's Second Law of Motion – force equals mass times acceleration – won't change.

AV tech will be the focus of global transportation congress in Montreal

Autonomous vehicles and how cities will interact with them will be the focus of the Intelligent Transportation Society's (ITS) 2017 World Congress in Montreal Oct. 29 to Nov. 2.

NISSAN: Another big assist from Rogue

Nissan North America's May U.S. sales grew 3 percent, as Nissan brand was powered by "another great Rogue month," an exec said.

NISSAN'S JOSE MUNOZ: Pushing forward on all fronts

Jose Munoz says there is money to be made for Nissan in fleet sales -- if it is done correctly.

Hefty profits didn't save Fields' job

Mark Fields' hefty profits at Ford Motor Co. weren't enough to keep him in the CEO chair.

How racing pays off in daily driving

Automakers rationalize racing as a proving ground for performance and safety technology. I totally buy that, even for brands that make mainstream family haulers.