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Jeff Melnychuk

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Phone: (506) 854-5024
E-Mail: jmelnychuk@autonews.com
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Recent authored articles

Canadians know Rogue better than Qashqai

Nissan says the Qashqai name was retained because Canadians associate with vehicles driven in Europe. Then why is Nissan currently running ads explaining how to pronounce Qashqai?

Five takeaways from the Nissan Qashqai media launch

How closely related are the U.S. Nissan Rogue Sport and the Canadian Nissan Qashqai? Automotive News Canada editor-in-chief Jeff Melnychuk takes a look.

Ban asbestos now, stop exposing people

A two-year asbestos ban transition period would be a joke if it wasn't so outrageous, Jeff Melnychuk writes.