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Recent authored articles

Five takeaways from the Nissan Qashqai media launch

How closely related are the U.S. Nissan Rogue Sport and the Canadian Nissan Qashqai? Automotive News Canada editor-in-chief Jeff Melnychuk takes a look.

Ban asbestos now, stop exposing people

A two-year asbestos ban transition period would be a joke if it wasn't so outrageous, Jeff Melnychuk writes.

Growing Canada's auto industry? Doable

New incentives and NAFTA renegotiation could tilt the board in favour of Canadian industry, says Editor-in-Chief Jeff Melnychuk.

Record sales mask serious market issues

The Canadian International Auto Show can provide a bit of a reality check on industry health.

$500 million a year in all the right places

Ray Tanguay is a happy man now, and if this is just the beginning of federal assistance for the auto industry, then so are we.

Will automakers want to address the Great White Myth?

Canada might get different packaging, options and trim designations, but it's rare that an automaker develops a vehicle just for Canada.

Is there any bite in Trump's bark?

Donald Trump will be president of the United States. So, what does that mean for the future of the Canadian auto industry?