Kelly Taylor

Winnipeg Correspondent
Address: Automotive News Canada,
PO Box 243, Station A, Windsor, Ontario, N9A 6K7
Phone: (204) 795-5892
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Recent authored articles

Ford plans to plug holes in utility lineup with three new vehicles

Ford leads Canada in utility-vehicle sales, but currently leaves “white space” to its competitors that it intends to fill with three vehicles coming to market over the next three years, says one executive.

Provinces without EV rebates have less selection, fewer sales

Canadians who live outside the three provinces offering electric-vehicle rebates might be feeling left out of a growing EV market in Canada, but automakers are just selling their product where there is the most demand.

Winnipeg VW stores prep for electric future of e-Golf sales

Volkswagen Canada is selling the e-Golf in Manitoba despite the fact the province doesn't offer incentives to buy electric vehicles. St. James Volkswagen jumped at the chance to offer the EV for sale.

Ford thinks bamboo can rival carbon fibre for strength

Ford is exploring ways to combine bamboo with resins to create car parts that rival carbon fibre for strength.

Automakers warm up to AJAC TestFest overhaul

The Canadian Car and Utility of the Year awards program — under fire by some automakers last year for costs and declining value — has undergone a dramatic revision that's gaining favorable reviews.