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Toronto Correspondent
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Recent authored articles

Spinal injury didn't keep apprentice tech away from dealership

It's a story that begins with a tragic accident, and ends with a young man back where he belonged.

Plug 'n Drive to open a centre for free public EV test drives

Plug 'n Drive, a not-for-profit organization committed to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, will soon open the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre (EVDC) in Toronto's north end.

Technician goes back to school to head up BMW tech team

UPDATED: 05/07/17 11:07 am ET -- correction

This month's look at movers and shakers who work under the radar focuses on a former auto technician who went back to school to eventually lead BMW Canada's tech support and after-sales departments.

Tablets taking over service lanes

The march to deploy computer tablets for service write-up appears to be unstoppable.

20 years in consumer electronics translate into 'technical lead' at Volvo dealership

A mid-life career change can sometimes be dicey, but not for Pat Lau. After 20 years in consumer electronics, he made the switch to auto sales at Volvo Villa in Thornhill, Ont.

Facebook Canada launches auto team to work with OEMs, dealers

Facebook Canada has established an automotive team dedicated to helping automakers and dealers build their brands and increase sales through use of the social networking site.

Tesla on seven-stop promotional tour of Ontario and Quebec

Tesla took a pass on the Toronto auto show in mid-February, but it is promoting its brand through a tour of Ontario and Quebec this winter.

Dealerships add service by partnering with skilled applicators

Selling and applying vinyl wraps is not a core dealership business because of the complex and tricky nature of applying the product, but it's a profit centre that shouldn't be over-looked.

A 'Canada-centric' strategy is working for Nissan

UPDATED: 22/02/17 11:30 a.m. ET -- correction

In 2013, Nissan began tailoring cars and models more specifically to the Canadian market. For example, Nissan's U.S. arm had no interest in the Micra, but management thought it would do well here.

Audi embarks on digital software development

Connectivity and other aspects of “digitalization” will increasingly require more software development, an area Audi won't leave to others, said Audi Canada President Daniel Weissland.

Ottawa helps fund vehicle innovation at two Ontario firms

Two emerging Canadian firms – one specialized in lightweight aluminum and the other in fast-charging batteries – will receive Federal funding to advance their product lines.

Toronto auto show proves its relevance

Events such as the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS), Feb. 17-26, are not dying. They simply have to adjust to new realities.

GM Canada president scours campuses for 1,000 engineers

GM Canada needs 1,000 more new engineers over the next five years.

The push is on to reverse Canadian tech talent drain

Canadians who left home to peruse careers abroad are being alerted to opportunities in Canada’s tech sector by a newly organized effort called Go North Canada.

Dealerships dropping the ball on data, expert says

A specialist for dealership business-development centres sees profits slipping through their fingers and basic customer relations suffering, all from data-collection issues and misuse.

Lack of online info kills the deal

Withholding information from online customers is the surest way to kill Internet sales leads, says the internet manager at Bustard Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep of Waterloo, Ont.

Canadians tasked with outhacking the hackers

One of the foremost providers of security in the connected-automobile world is TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, of Waterloo, Ont.