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Recent authored articles

Artificial intelligence could open window to buyer intentions

Artificial intelligence isn't just for autonomous vehicles. AI can be used to predict patterns and preferences when it comes to buying and selling new cars, making transactions more efficient.

For dealers looking to sell their business, the time is now

For Canadian car dealers, there may never be a better time to sell. Franchise values are high and buyers with deep pockets are plentiful, says the head of U.S.-based Kerrigan Advisors.

Senators urge Liberals to act on privacy, security issues with AVs

UPDATED: 01/29/2017 2:11 pm ET -- Adds details

A Senate committee is urging the federal Liberals to take control of the development and testing of self-driving cars on Canadian roads before governments fall too far behind the technological revolution.

Canadian universities providing vital auto research

From flax to tires that "listen," here's a look at eight Canadian university-industry research projects that are moving the auto sector forward.

Technology, academic r&d is the future of Canada's auto industry

Beyond Canada's auto factories and its suppliers pulses a third automotive stratum, one that extends well beyond the borders of Ontario. Schools and automakers are getting technical across the country.

Canadian auto craftsmanship on display at tech museum in Ottawa

A Ford GT supercar, hand-built by Multimatic Inc., and a Quebec-made steam buggy from 1867 are part of a prominent display at a renovated Ottawa museum focused on technology.

Kia Canada recalls 25,956 Souls for third time for steering flaw

UPDATED: 10/30/17 2:35 pm ET -- Correction

Kia Canada is recalling about 26,000 Soul compact crossovers to repair loose steering assemblies that may not have been properly fixed during two earlier recalls.

​BlackBerry pushes cybersecurity service for auto industry

BlackBerry Ltd. wants to protect connected and autonomous cars from hackers by extending to automakers and suppliers the cybersecurity consulting service it already offers governments and businesses.

BlackBerry QNX autonomous car hits the road in Ottawa test drive

UPDATED: 10/12/2017 7:50 pm ET -- Adds details

A BlackBerry QNX-equipped self-driving car hit the road in suburban Ottawa Thursday in what was billed as the first on-street test of an autonomous vehicle in Canada.

Kia Canada recalls Souls because heated seats could burn occupants

Kia Canada is recalling more than 43,000 Soul compact crossovers to repair seat heaters that could burn occupants.

Durangos, Grand Cherokees recalled again for brake problems

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Canada has launched a second recall to fix leak-prone brake boosters in 2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos.

Canada's new recall laws won't include compensation for dealers

UPDATED: 09/22/2017 1:38 pm ET -- Adds GAC comments

Tougher vehicle recall laws could be in place in Canada by the end of the year, but without a legislated formula that would force automakers to compensate dealers stuck with recalled cars on their lots.

Canada's AV strategy on track, transport minister says after bus ride

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says his ride around Parliament Hill in a driverless bus Wednesday was a proof of Canada's progress toward autonomous transit.

Canadian Senate studying regulatory, technical issues of AVs

The furious pace of the advancement of autonomous vehicles is adding urgency to a Senate study of the regulatory and technical issues surrounding the deployment of connected and automated vehicles.

Ottawa tech sector looks to lead Canada in autonomous-vehicle development

At least 60 companies in Ottawa — from big-name players to shoestring startups — are active in autonomous-vehicle research or ready to jump in, according to the city's economic development agency.

Automakers offer Canadians just 9 wagons as popularity declines

Out of about 250 nameplates for sale in Canada it's slim pickings on the wagon front. Sales of traditional wagons are down by half since 2012, but automakers left selling them are tenacious.

Volkswagen Canada recalls Passat, CC sedans over fuel pump problems

Problems in a control module in about 20,000 VW Passat and CC sedans can cause the pumps to run continuously and drain the battery or stop working while the car is in motion.