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Perry Lefko

Toronto Correspondent
E-Mail: perrylefko@hotmail.com
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Successful dealerships 'eat their vegetables' and use technology

Being a successful auto dealership requires the perfect mix of good, old-fashioned customer service and high-tech analysis, say a pair of executives who spoke at the Automotive News Canada Congress in Toronto.

Canada 'too socialist' and it's hurting business, says Magna CEO

Magna CEO Don Walker received strong applause from a packed room at the Automotive News Canada Congress in Toronto after he blasted Ontario and federal policies he says make doing business tough.

Control what you can while facing uncertain future, dealers told

Employee engagement, customer enthusiasm, community and performance are keys to success, says Michael Croxon, the CEO of NewRoads Automotive Group.

New five-storey Toronto dealership houses seven luxury brands

Grand Touring Automobiles (GTA) has opened a five-storey location in downtown Toronto to showcase seven high-end brands, all with separate showrooms.