2022 Automotive News Canada All-Stars

2022 All-Star Banner

COVID-19 restrictions lifted across Canada in 2022 to provide the first real glimpse of unrestricted gatherings and life without masks. A first glimpse of normalcy in nearly two years.

The 2022 Automotive News Canada All-Stars had long been devising pandemic workarounds because even though time felt stalled, there was no time to waste.

The All-Stars were busy individuals, often guiding busy teams to pull off noteworthy, incredible and sometimes audacious achievements.

Many 2022 All-Stars are naturally associated with the biggest stories of the year.

Other All-Stars were chosen because they throw themselves into their passion. 

It’s not possible to honour the countless All-Stars from coast to coast, but Automotive News Canada is pleased to recognize a handful who led the way for 2022.